Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 2- Personal choice

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone received as much sleep as I did, and hopefully everyone was healthy. I unfortunately, I was sick with the stomach flu the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break. With that said I wasn't able to pick up the video camera I had checked out the day before Thanksgiving break, and this also means I wasn't able to do any recording. Have no fear! I still recorded my poem, and took some photos to go with it. I haven't incorporated the two, but I have them separately in the blog. 

I tried the approach I included in my storyboard in the previous blog, and however it didn't turn out to be what I hoped for. I'm going to continue to figure it out, and push it a little more. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 1- Personal Project

I've decided to do this piece with a collaboration of video and pictures. Towards the beginning it will include photos. The video will be in rewind, and through the middle it will be played forward. The video will be edited through Final Cut Pro, and encoded then posted on YouTube.

This week I'm presenting the poem, and the sketches of how the video will play out. 

It's Depressing
 It’s depressing to be a woman
constantly to be clean and pampered,
but to be treated as a zoo animal in a
cage for the world to see.

Easily to be compared as a tamed
gorilla, with so many thoughts of
being free. The cage is so clear, yet
the wall is a plug barricading a God
given freedom.

They watch my every move,
and judge with their silver hands.
So quick to judge my fate

Yet I’ve done nothing wrong,

I do exactly as they do;

But they’re not



 You'll be seeing a quick preview, because I don't want to give it away too soon. So yes, this means I'm going to be filming over Thanksgiving break.

Recording the the poem, and working on the edit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ideas for DFM Project

I have a couple of ideas, and recently my friend was talking to me about smoke looks like ectoplasm. This lead me to look up ectoplasm, and I found these old photographs of these seances. Which leads to my first idea which would be to recreate  these old photographs in a modern way.

For my next idea I was inspired by a previous project I did, and for which I burnt the film. And this created a weird effect on the emulsion. For this project I want to use film, and for the previous I had the idea of feminism and I might try to push that.

For another idea I want to do a video including poetry from either Langston Hughes or Anne Sexton similar to the Charles Bukowski or Walt Whitman videos (I couldn't get the videos on to my blog because it wouldn't upload)

Schedule for burnt film:
1st week: figure out which project to do.
2nd week: take pictures/ develop film
3rd week: push the pictures a little more.
4th week: final results.

Schedule for ectoplasm:
1st week: find models/plan out and sketch the photo ideas
2nd week: take the photos/ edit.
3rd week: take more photos/ edit.
4th week: final product.

Schedule for video:
1st week: choose poem
2nd week: plan out the idea more
3rd week: start filing
4th week:finish the video