Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 3

This week I was absent Thursday due to sickness and personal issues, but on Tuesday Renee and I wrote up the script for the narration.


Narrator = Palmer
  • This is Emma.
  • This is Emma’s stylus.
  • This is Emma’s chair
  • This is the Director. Her name is Emma.
  • And this is the project she directs:
(photo montage of all pics; not related to above very quick; like a filmstrip starting;
used as a transition)
(the Lost Files logo is at the end of the strip)
These are heads: (still video of just the heads)
(video close up of heads) (zooms out to include bodies)
head of visual
head of editorial
And this is what Emma thinks:
(insert her interview)
The voice is with the video:
goes unto voice overlay on top of pics
Pics include:
    • crew working
    • emma working
  • constant cut between pictures and interview
  • make it irregular but long enough to register
And this is the crew
crew shots
column split picture of crew w/ their art on the other side
voice over with the crews name
abrupt stop
black screen (3-4 seconds)
narrator talks before next picture comes
  • There’s more than working on Cintiq’s:
    • there’s is coffee... so they are not zombies
    • tea to soothe the soul
    • donuts for nourishment
    • costumes to be witty
    • and facebook for breaks
(hyperspace for pictures)
Narrator (voice over for pictures)
All of this created....
(very quick montage of pictures) (no registering for the audience)
the Lost files (video of the group saying this)
(fades out)

Next week you will see the final documentary.

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