Thursday, October 4, 2012

First- The Lost Files

 Hello guys! I'm the head director of the documentary crew. I'm super excited for this project, and I know a few of the crew members are as well. As a photo major this is our time to shine, because we are limited in photo majors we have to document our groups production and make a super cool documentary showing the progress and awesome work the group has put forth.

 Competitions so far:

Graphic Competitions - Anima International Animation Festival 2013
This is the first competition I found, and I'm also looking into other competitions. This just happened to be the first one to come up.

Here is the photo work from the first meeting (NOTE:They are done with our phones because we were not expecting to be working so fast, but we don't want to use the excuse "well, we didn't have our cameras")
Elizabeth Gollihue
Alexa M. Working on Sketches taken by Elizabeth G.

Alexa M. working on sketches by Elizabeth G.
Chay working on colors by Elizabeth G

Aaron working on backgrounds Niccole H
Katie working on characters Niccole H

Aaron working on backgrounds Niccole H
Anthony G working on characters Colin W

Aaron working on Backgrounds Colin W
Chay working on colors Colin W


  1. I am thrilled by how psyched you are for this project. It's quite motivational. I find that you're attitude and photography skills will be a great asset to the team. :)

    1. Agreed! Love how natural these photos feel :)

  2. I'm also agreeing with Christine and Emma.
    I will put some feedback, maybe experiment some more with the flash and different angles.