Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 4- Documentary

Happy Halloween Everyone! For today's post I have images of the crew's costumes. We decided to dress up for class. I, however, did not dress up. I did get a lot of photos of the crews costumes, and the fun they had.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 3

This week I was absent Thursday due to sickness and personal issues, but on Tuesday Renee and I wrote up the script for the narration.


Narrator = Palmer
  • This is Emma.
  • This is Emma’s stylus.
  • This is Emma’s chair
  • This is the Director. Her name is Emma.
  • And this is the project she directs:
(photo montage of all pics; not related to above very quick; like a filmstrip starting;
used as a transition)
(the Lost Files logo is at the end of the strip)
These are heads: (still video of just the heads)
(video close up of heads) (zooms out to include bodies)
head of visual
head of editorial
And this is what Emma thinks:
(insert her interview)
The voice is with the video:
goes unto voice overlay on top of pics
Pics include:
    • crew working
    • emma working
  • constant cut between pictures and interview
  • make it irregular but long enough to register
And this is the crew
crew shots
column split picture of crew w/ their art on the other side
voice over with the crews name
abrupt stop
black screen (3-4 seconds)
narrator talks before next picture comes
  • There’s more than working on Cintiq’s:
    • there’s is coffee... so they are not zombies
    • tea to soothe the soul
    • donuts for nourishment
    • costumes to be witty
    • and facebook for breaks
(hyperspace for pictures)
Narrator (voice over for pictures)
All of this created....
(very quick montage of pictures) (no registering for the audience)
the Lost files (video of the group saying this)
(fades out)

Next week you will see the final documentary.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Photo Fabricated.

These are to represent the misunderstanding streotype that smoking, drinking, and drugs are cool. The project in photo was "Fabricated Scene"; it was a scene that was fake and make it look real. I decided to make what I see in real life and push it into what people view as cool.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 2 - Documentary.

As promised from last week here is the interview with Emma! It includes a mixture of silly and semi-serious questions. In the final edit my voice will not be in it, and there will be a narrator instead. I noticed after a couple of silly questions Emma wasn't as tense about being in front of the camera; which is why it's necessary to have an even amount of silly and serious.  Also, there will be another interview with Emma next week, and it will include the following questions (plus some that I will think of in the middle of the interview):

  • What are the difficulties of this week?
  • Who do you think made the most progress this week?
  • Have you ever had a moment on Facebook where you see something, and just get off of it?
  • Before Facebook, did you have a Myspace?
  • What do you think caused the Duckface?
  • How far do you want this project to go? As in a competition, or are you using this apart of you resume?
  • Do you think the crew will use this for their resume?
  • How does it feel to be here at 9 on Tuesdays?   

As for the rest of the documentary crew-
Lauren- Crew head shots, crew working photos between weeks, and help with final edit of video.
Colin- The Editorial and Art Director interviews, and work shots. 
Elizabeth- Crew interviews, and working with crew *Only two or three people a week*      
Here's What To Expect For Next Week (From Me):
  • Another interview
  • More photos
  • More competition ideas, with links. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 1- Documentary (Second Post)

Following up from the first post of Week 1, we decided on which roles we were going to take. I decided to take the photos of Emma, and Emma's stuff. Tomorrow I will conduct an interesting interview with Emma with the some of the following questions:

  • -          What was your inspiration for this idea?
  • -          Do you like Facebook?
  • -          Have you ever made a duckface picture?
  • -          What’s your favorite Facebook stereotype?
  • -          Do you want this to go further?
  •            What is the most recent file you have lost?
  •             Can you reenact the reaction you had when you lost said file?
  •            What are some of the struggles with this production? (This question will be used for each week.)
  •            Who do you think has made a lot of progress/ Who do you think has made a lot of improvement from last week? (Also for each week.)
  •             Why haven't we had donuts in class yet?

From observation the questions are serious and entertaining. I wanted a wide range of serious and play, and I might had a couple of more serious questions as the weeks progress. 

Now, here is some photos from last week that will be incorporated into the documentary:
Emma's Stylus 

Emma's Chair

Emma Working


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 1- Documentary Idea. (First Post.)

The inspiration for our documentary comes from this short documentary about John Baldessari. The crew and I thought it to be humorous, and enlightening. We're going to try this approach, and make it some what informative too. The documentary short should be around 1 to 2 minutes, and then leads into the "Lost Files" short created by Emma and crew.

This Thursday, I will have the shots of Emma (So, Emma, where what you would want in the video.), Lauren is in charge of crew photos, and Colin is in charge of Head's shots. Palmer is in charge of editing and possibly the voice over.

By next week, I should have Emma photos, plus as a group we'll be working on the Weekly progress and troubleshoots.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First- The Lost Files

 Hello guys! I'm the head director of the documentary crew. I'm super excited for this project, and I know a few of the crew members are as well. As a photo major this is our time to shine, because we are limited in photo majors we have to document our groups production and make a super cool documentary showing the progress and awesome work the group has put forth.

 Competitions so far:

Graphic Competitions - Anima International Animation Festival 2013
This is the first competition I found, and I'm also looking into other competitions. This just happened to be the first one to come up.

Here is the photo work from the first meeting (NOTE:They are done with our phones because we were not expecting to be working so fast, but we don't want to use the excuse "well, we didn't have our cameras")
Elizabeth Gollihue
Alexa M. Working on Sketches taken by Elizabeth G.

Alexa M. working on sketches by Elizabeth G.
Chay working on colors by Elizabeth G

Aaron working on backgrounds Niccole H
Katie working on characters Niccole H

Aaron working on backgrounds Niccole H
Anthony G working on characters Colin W

Aaron working on Backgrounds Colin W
Chay working on colors Colin W

Monday, October 1, 2012


The first thing that popped into my head with this project was breast caner, for so long I wanted to work on a series dedicated to breast cancer.

However, it's never a good idea to start with your first idea, but I decided to go with all the signs leading me back to the breast cancer idea. Including with the fact it's breast cancer awareness month. So I'm going with my idea, but instead of doing really corny color splashed photos I want to create a sophisticated series dedicated to the struggle of breast cancer. We all know 'Courage' and 'Strength' tie into the words 'Breast Cancer' but not many add into the equation of constant anxiety, or depression. This series will be dedicated to the over coming of those feelings. 

Solve Sundsbo
Solve Sundsbo. The example of projected lights.
I also wanted to try a new idea which is projected lights; by using a projector or flashlight directly on the models body with a solid color background it creates a really interesting image. Also, keeping in mind of the anxiety and depression of breast cancer, it can create a high anxiety photo.

List of Dictatorship (:])
Director- Me
Head of Art Direction- Elena Scott (Pending approval? )
- Photographer 1 
-Photographer 2
- Costume Director
- Backdrop Designer w/ crew


Head of Editorial- ?
-Photoshop PitCrew (4-6 People)
-Pipeline Director
-Documentary Director w/ crew
- Branding and Publicity Director