Monday, September 24, 2012

Body as Building! -Finished Product

So here is the finished product for body as landscape. I continued my idea that overtime we become apart of the urban landscape, and the idea buildings and urban life once deteriorates. The buildings were once full of live and now they are barely there.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Body as Building!

Color Scheme

  •  The idea for these photos are based off the photo scene in my first blog post; they are inspired by Paul Conroy's photography in which includes using the body as landscape in a literal sense. My concept is how one becomes sucked into the urban scene and how the buildings and bright lights can be addictive.

  • So I tried a few shots, and I tested it out in black and white as well as in color. I tried different angles, different lighting, and positions. These are a few of the edits.

  • With these photos the model is posing in a sense that he is a building himself, and in the last photo I did some double exposures to create a sense of chaos.

Monday, September 10, 2012

  • Here I tried the Ivy idea, and this is a rough draft of the idea. I know I have to do it again because of the technical difficulties I've had. Once I try the photo again the color palette will change, as of now there isn't much red but the part of the reason for that is the low light and time of day. When the time comes for the second photo I'll be using the color palette to the left because I feel like the red captures the brick buildings and the green ties in with subject becoming a landscape.

  • I have not tried the smog and low shutter speed yet but once I do I plan on using this color palette to the right because I feel like really low and cool colors gives off a city vibe and I think these colors would be best for a smog type zone. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sketching and Planning - With Inspiration and Personal Sketches/Ideas.

  • For my first idea I was inspired by Yelena Yemchuk to blend the subject into the surroundings. However, I wanted to push the subject behind the surroundings and push the background. MY idea is to use an urban landscape (luckily all over Columbus are abandoned buildings that are covered in ivy) and to push the subject into its surroundings. I'm going to use fake but realistic ivy that you would use to decorate your house (found at Micheal's Art and Craft stores) and paint my model green. 

Yelena Yemchuk

Paul Conroy

  • My inspiration from Paul Conroy includes actually using the body as the background. For my next idea I wanted to capture a more controversial subject but still under the guide lines of the project. My idea is the model will flex their arm and create a "hill" with 2-4 toy soldiers in battle. As for the backdrop, I'm going to use a slightly dark blue to incorporate a night's sky. 

Solve Sundsbo

    Alex Morley
  • My final idea, and my unsure idea but possible idea; I didn't sketch out an idea for this because it would be too complicated to understand what exactly I'm trying to reach so I will do my best to describe it. My idea: I'm going to take my model into a empty field on a morning filled with fog and the model will wear a long white flowing dress while holding white sheets then she will spin while I shoot my camera at probably a low shutter speed to create a blur.